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Élitca was founded to make a difference, including the way people are managed. We believe that each person is unique in his or her character, experiences, skills and strengths. Thus, we work to create an environment that cherishes individual differences, encourages collaboration, and provides equitable support in order to give each employee the opportunity to flourish.

At Élitica, being good is not enough - we strive to be the best.


Full-time - Pune

As a Research Analyst, you lay the foundation of the research process. Collecting data from decision makers and other interest group members, you obtain data to track market trends and developments across the globe in real time.


Freelance - Worldwide

As a Quality Analyst, you continuously monitor the quality of the collected insights and help the research team work more effectively through holistic feedback processes. In short, you are in charge of delivering only the top-class research to our clients.


Freelance - Worldwide

As a Language Research Specialist, you belong to the exclusive network of certified élitica freelancers. With your expert knowledge of the language and culture of one or more specific regions as well as the research process, you work on research projects as a preferred partner.


Fixed-term - Pune

Do you want to take the first steps for a career in the market research sector? As an intern in élitica's research team, you will be working with Analysts and Managers to develop a well-rounded understanding of the industry and research process.

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We are always on the lookout for new talent.

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