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Support for your in-house research

Collating data is the beginning. Evaluating results is progress. Innovation is success.

We understand that it does not always have to be an end-to-end research solution to help you gain the insights you need. With our data services, you obtain accurate, recent data to optimize the ROI of your research, marketing and sales processes. We provide support exactly where it is needed - may it be with a single activity or a combination of services.


To obtain the information you are looking for, you need to get in touch with the right people. We understand your target group, discover leads and verify contact information to generate high-quality contact lists.

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Generate the right impression and secure the trust of your respondents with a professional survey. Make use of our web-based survey tools to assist you in collecting data in an efficient manner.


With the large amount of information available online, there is an increased need for data validation and processing. We deliver ready-for-analysis data in the quantity and format you require.

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Find out what Élitica can do for you.

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